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Drawing on my formal training as an illustrator, I've developed a facility and enthusiasm for coordinating creative professionals, both for exhibitions and for publication.  I have experience with CMYK and RGB printing processes, with digital publishing, and with generating promotional materials, online and off.  


My dedication, attention to detail, and creative problem-solving skills have earned me an international reputation among artists, publishers, and in the sf&f fandom & literary communities.  References are available upon request.



BFA: Illustration

Northern Illinois University


2010: graduated cum laude


2010: coordinated & appeared in "Shut Up & Draw,"

the portfolio show for the 2010 NIU graduating illustrators


2009-2010: employed as print assistant for the illustration lab


2009: semifinalist in Society of Illustrators' Student Scholarship Competition; "Aviatrix" appeared in their annual gallery show for same



PC & Mac

Adobe Creative Suite

(Illustrator, Acrobat, Bridge, InDesign, Photoshop)

Microsoft Office Suite

(Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word)



Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr)

Google (Chrome, Drive, Docs, etc)



Artistic Work:



2013: "Most Fantastic" - WisCon 37 Art Show

2012: "Best in Show" - WindyCon 39 Art Show

2012: "Best in Show" - WisCon 36 Art Show



Other Distinctions
2017: Featured Vendor, ArtWalk 2017
2014: Artist Guest of Honor, Maneki Neko Con 3

2012: Artist Guest of Honor, DarkoverCon 35



Group Exhibitions

2011-present: Wiscon Annual Art Show (juried)

2009-present: Capricon Annual Art Show

2004-present: Windycon Annual Art Show

2012, 2016: Worldcon Annual Art Show

2012, 2014: Maneki Neko Con Annual Art Show

2012: Oddcon Annual Art Show

2009: Conclave Annual Art Show

2008: Duckon Annual Art Show



Design Clients

2018: WisCon Member Assistance Fund, promo/merch design

2014: Gilded Bee Honey, logo design

2014: 521: Bisexual/Pansexual Advocacy Group, logo design

2013: Jonah Knight, merch design

2012: Idiorhythmic Designs, embroidery design

2011: Mad Urban Bees, logo design

2009-2010: Tattooed Steel, jewelry design

2007-2010 : Camarilla, ‘Barb City’ chapter, promo & merch design

2008: Idiothythmic Designs, promotional design

2007: Oryx Cable, logo design



Published Work

2016-present: WisCon, souvenir book cover art

2012: Journey Planet #13, interior illustration

2010: Steampunk Magazine #7, interior illustration

– work has also appeared on: io9, The Mary Sue, Muddy Colors, File 770

Community Roles:


Staff Positions

2004-present: Creative Director, Grand Guignol Games

2011-2014: Art Director, Eggplant Literary Productions


Other Employment

2017: Print and Marketing Associate, Staples

2007-2008 : Department Supervisor, OfficeMax Impress

2003-2007 : Certified Photo Technician, Walgreens



Exhibition Organizer

2016: Art Show Lead, MidAmeriCon II / WorldCon 74

2012-present: Art Show Lead, Capricon

2011-present: Art Show Second, Windycon

2012: Art Show Lead, Maneki Neko Con

2011: Asst. Department Lead, Wiscon Art Show



Additional Roles

2015-present: Board Member, Phandemonium

2014-present: Central Director, ASFA

2014-2015: Voting Member, SF3



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